[Coco] OT EBay stuff ...

Roger Merchberger zmerch at 30below.com
Wed Jun 1 14:35:34 EDT 2005

Rumor has it that Kevin Diggs may have mentioned these words:
>         Anybody ever notice how some of the stuff you buy on EBay ... has 
> ... an aroma?  And this is stuff that you would not think as being able 
> to capture and hold aromas.

Plastic is good for that, if it's surrounded by [insert odd smell here] for 
long enough... Quite often, there may be dust internally that can hold the 
odors as well; a good internal cleaning will go a long way to making the 
units less "nasally unfriendly."

>  Like the 2 Atari STs I just got.
>         Anybody have any of these (520STfM/1040STf)? Umm. Like what can I 
> do with them? Don't appear to come with BASIC???

I have a 1040STf as well, and I'm supposed to have a Falcon _someday_. 
Anyone have a power supply for a Falcon? I might need one... And a Mega 
he's supposed to have for me... and I have a "mostly working" STacy which 
needs repair (resolder several junctions, but my wife lost the screw baggie 
I had for it, so now I can't put it back together... :-/ )

I *think* the BASIC was included on floppies shipped with the thing, but 
I've never had 'em... believe it or not, there's a version of Perl that 
will run on the thing (version 4.0.36 IIRC) but it wasn't what one would 
call "speedy."

Ah well... So geht's.

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