[Coco] Cleaning a CoCo case...

Rogelio Perea os9dude at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 28 22:29:24 EDT 2005

Thanks for all the suggestions on the CGP-110 and PC-2 plotter mini gears, 
this upcoming weekend shall find me laboring at trying to fix that.

On other CoCo project, I set to replace the internal fan I had put in my 
CoCo 3 bottom shell a few years ago, the micro fan was bought at Radio Shack 
and it had become very noisy and I just got two smaller low profile Minebea 
micro fans. The first fan was set for intake at one of the vents directly 
below the keyboard and worked very weel at keeping the components cool, the 
new fans would be set on the top shell of the case as exhaust, one directly 
above the RAM chips and the other on top of the 6809.

While prepping the top shell I decided to clean it off a little bit. For 
that I always had use off the shelf cleaners, at one time I tried Windex 
with varying levels of success, all cleaners I had used left behing a film 
of crud on the textured areas of the plastic case, mainly at the keyboard 
cutout and the top vent ribs. Just for kicks I decided to try some new 
stuff -> Greased Lightning... I was amazed at how deep and well it would 
clean up the CoCo case, it restored it to brand new condition - the case had 
not been exposed to sun so there was no yellowing, I can't verify if the 
noted cleaner would do something good to a yellowed case.

So if you need to clean the off-white CoCo cases try the above product. One 
BIG word of caution: put a carefully placed mask over the CoCo badge, 
Greased Lightning will discolor the black background as well as the 3 color 
bars, I learned this the hard way, as my CoCo 3 badge sports now a dull 
black color with no colored RGB bars, looks kind of sterile now :-)

Also worthy of mention is that I didn't try (yet) to clean a battleship gray 
case, my assumption (from what happened t me and my CoCo 3 case) is thet the 
silver color could probably be stripped away by the cleaner revealing the 
black surface of the plastic shell.

Use this stuff with great care!. Properly used it can help you restore that 
CoCo 3 finish to pristine glory.

-=[ Rogelio ]=- 

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