[Coco] Purchase of Cloud-9 Superboard deposit

Ray Watts rayanddoraleew at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 24 19:11:03 EDT 2005

I was one of the first to jump on the bandwagon when Mark Marlette 
requested $100 deposits from a certain number of customers in order to 
begin work on the Superboard.  For a number of reasons, not the least of 
which is that the CoCo community is speeding up while I am aging and 
slowing down, I have decided to stop all new CoCo ventures and freeze my 
three running systems where they are right now.

I Emailed Mark asking about the possibility of a refund of my deposit. 
 His reply was that the window for refunds and further deposits had 
ended last year and suggested that I sell the rights to my deposit and 
that he would honor the transaction to the new buyer.  I thought it was 
a good idea and this is the result.

If anyone wishes to purchase my deposit for $100, send me your request 
via my reply address.  The earliest submission will be notified by 
return Email.  We can then decide on the method of payment.  Following 
the receipt of the $100, I will notify all other requesters via this 
forum (maltedmedia) of the transaction and also refer you to Mark as the 
new holder of the deposit.

If the purchaser feels it is really necessary, I can provide him/her 
with copies of the correspondence between Mark and I for legal purposes. 
 I hope this offer does not offend anybody who might object to 
commercial transactions on this forum.

Thank you,    Ray

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