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You mean an EFI controller like this: http://www.bgsoflex.com/megasquirt.html
It uses an 8 MHz Motorola MC68HC908GP32 8 bit processor, or upgrade to the MC9S12C32 16 bit 24 MHz processor with a daughter board that plugs into the MC68HC908 socket. Using a CoCo for this is going to be a lot more work and will take up a lot of room. Would be a good development tool, but is there any real advantage to reinventing the wheel here? I suppose it would still be a good learning experience, but building and programming a Megasquirt unit should be about the same. 

I always wanted to make a digital dashboard using CoCo graphics. Use the joystick inputs as counter type inputs (pulses for tach and speedo), and I think they can read variable resistance (temp and fuel gauge) as well. The real task would be creating a graphic screen that could display 5-6 items in near real time. Well, only tach and speedo would need to be close to real time, the others could be updated every 10-15 seconds and still be plenty "fast". Would be really nice to have some trip computer functions thrown in, and a plain display mode with say just numbers for normal driving then a more graphic (maybe graphics of analog type gauges) for a "performance mode". Now that might be a better use for the CoCo! LCD screens with composite inputs are right around $100 now. A 7" screen would be sufficient. 

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>  Taxing the coco is a major concern with an SEFI system. So in my plans, the 
> coco does not actually do all the work. It only handles engine management, while 
> a separate board will actually do all the actual work of firing injectors(PWM), 
> adjusting the idle air bleed stepper and  controlling spark advance.
>  The coco will monitor MAP, MAF, O2 sensor, coolant temp, air temp, RPM and all 
> the other required information to make the commands to the controller. 

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