[Coco] Rainbow Bookshelf

Dean Leiber adit at 1stconnect.com
Sat Jun 11 04:13:32 EDT 2005


Not to distract you from the Rainbow Mgazines, but could you ask about 
the books that Falsoft used to sell, i.e Book of adventures, etc. I have 
the 'Rainbow OS-9 books' already scanned and PDFed for the OS9/CoCo 
archive I and a few others have been working on. I don't have the other 
books otherwise I would have done them already. BTW, Great Job getting 
Lonnie to license the Rainbow! 

Also, a suggestion. Once things get rolling, perhaps put a section on 
Coco3.com (or somewhere approriate) listing who's doing what, what needs 
to get done, etc. That way it might make it easier for people to find 
some way to help. Just a thought. I'll be willing to help out as well 
with whatever limited equipment I have.


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