[Coco] Hot CoCo on Microfilm...

Rogelio Perea os9dude at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 7 19:44:27 EDT 2005

Perhaps is just something I dreamed about but I seem to recall that Michael 
E. Nadeau, Editor In Chief of Hot CoCo (CW Communications, ISSN 0740-3186, 
then owned by Wayne Green) mentioned something about having no problems with 
Hot CoCo articles and/or programs available on the web... got to do some 
research in the msg databases to see if something comes up.

Anyway, Hot CoCo is available on Microfilm, so at least there's a third 
party repository keeping this particular venue of CoCo info preseved, try 
the following link:


Hot CoCo had small ads here and there about it being available in microfilm 
from University Microfilms International. The URL above came after a google 
search and once at the UMI site a partial ISSN search revealed the archive. 
Kind of expensive though to get all 3 years worth...

If you follow:


you'll get a sizeable list of computer related publications archived as 
microfil/microfiche... 80 Micro, Family Computing, Run, etc. No Flasoft's 
"The Rainbow" though.

Just my $0.02 :-)

-=[ Rogelio ]=- 

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