[Coco] The Hot CoCo -> 80 Micro re-merge...

Rogelio Perea os9dude at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 5 18:26:39 EDT 2005

Was reading through a couple of recently aquired Hot CoCo magazines, and on 
the February 1986 issue the publisher makes a remark on the final page about 
*this* being the last stand alone issue of Hot CoCo, and that starting March 
1986 suscribers would start to get 80 Micro in which Hot CoCo would have a 
"presence" as a section in the parent magazine.

For how long did 80 Micro sustain a separate CoCo section after the 
re-merge?. I say re-merge because Hot CoCo initially spun-off 80 Micro when 
the CoCo material started to get more demand.

My interest lies on knowing which 80 Micro issues after March 1986 would be 
nice to get (if possible) and have something CoCo related within...

-=[ Rogelio ]=- 

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