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There may be a version of Linux that will run on the ST series. There is a version for older 68K Macs. Hmmm... your next big programming project -- recompile/modify Linux for the ST (if it hasn't been already)

I found this http://membres.lycos.fr/pmandin/, but nothing on the site actually SAYS it's a Linux port, or even an OS. That's the problem I've found with a lot of tech type sites. They assume you know what they are and don't give any indication/explanation. So if you accicentally stumble on it dearching for something else you haven't a clue as to what it is. 

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> There are at least two versions of OS9/68000 that run on the Atari ST
> series. I believe it will run on the 520 as well as the 1040.
> Of course, it would work *way* better with a hard drive. :)
> Regards, Bob Devries

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