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>I Have a TRS-80 CoCo-1 w/ 16k and extended Basic 1.0 Could anyone tell
> me the month and year that this setup first became available. Also
> what is the model of the Tape drive that was made specifically for it.
> I have one i think its a CRS-80 or something like that.

That would be the CCR-81 cassette deck, or was it CCR-80?

Also Where
> would I find an original modem and printer that I could plug into it.
> and What was the original TV set that most people used with it?

That one is the DC Modem pak for the Coco. I don't know the part number. I 
have one, but I removed the modem section many years ago to turn it into an 
RS-232 pak.

> does anyone know what kind of tapes you have to have to use with the
> tape drive.
> -Brandt

Any high quality tape will work, but the Shack's computer tapes didn't have 
the leaders on them so you could record/save  immediately after rewinding. 
If you use a high quality audio tape, before you save a program, you have to 
play it past the leader before you can start saving data from the computer. 
Back then, I would buy standard audio tapes and open them up to remove the 
 The leader is stronger than the tape, and was better able to handle the 
stress of the sudden stop when rewinding to the beginning. However, the 
leader is a problem with computers and the dead area. 

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