[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] Richard Ramella, author of "Elmer'sArcade", has been found...

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Wed Jul 20 22:55:36 EDT 2005

On Wednesday 20 July 2005 18:48, Torsten Dittel wrote:
>> Has anyone contacted him??
>I don't think so. Here's my hint:
>Try to call a 62 years old man:
>Barden, William T Jr
>51 East Ave
>Harrisville, RI 02830-1527
>(401) 568-3723

I've got the freedom plan, so I'll just do that tomorrow unless 
someone beats me to it.  At 11pm local time for both of us, thats a 
bit late.

I'm pretty sure the last time I did a yahoo people search, that name & 
address did not show up.

>Good luck!
>Best regards,

Cheers, Gene
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