[Coco] [Color Computer] Multiple C compiler projects

Lothan lothan at newsguy.com
Tue Jul 19 02:49:45 EDT 2005

Does any remember if rlink deals with recursive references better than
c.link? I remember running into this problem with a particular project and
having to include one of the library modules twice to work around it as

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> Found it, April 1986, starting on page 240.  (Gee, the Rainbow really
> was a big magazine back then) The code has some semi-circular
> references, so that when merging to make the library, there are a
> couple of routines that need to be included twice as the linker,
> c.link, only scans the library once.  So I think the version I have
> on my hard drive probably has 2 copies of several of the routines in
> it.
> One could probably re-arrange the merge order even more and alleviate
> the need for the dups if enough effort were expended.  Working on a
> floppy only system at the time, I remember putting about 2 weeks
> worth of spare time into it.  At the time I didn't mind an extra
> kilobyte in the library if it worked, and it did as near as I could
> tell.

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