[Coco] Re: [coco3] upscan video converter

Torsten Dittel Torsten at Dittel.info
Mon Jul 18 04:23:20 EDT 2005

>       Actually it's not necessary to have in-system programmability.
> All the microcontroller is required to do is place coco3 system defaults or
> user supplied custom values into the video chip registers when called
> for at initial power up which the coco3 can't do unless you were to
> put activation code in rom (DECB) or in a bootfile (OS9).  All
> other I2C activity will be done by the coco3 directly.   The coco3 will also
> be able to send an I2C software command for the microcontroller
> to perform a reset but that is not as important a feature as startup.

Is it possible to "flash" new power up default values into the MC using
the CoCo?

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