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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sun Jul 17 00:19:06 EDT 2005

On Saturday 16 July 2005 17:37, Kevin Diggs wrote:
> This is off topic but kinda inspired by the Rainbow archive
> project. I recently picked up a Lacie Silverscanner II off eBay.
> This thing has separate red, green, and blue lamps. Is this common?
> I've been playing with scanning the June 91 issue. Scans at 100 dpi
> (or ppi or lpi ... I don'k know) and line art mode (monochrome?)
> are readable. OCR would require some REALLY good software. PNG
> files of these black and white text pages are about 55k. For some
> of the pages that are not black and white I've tried 8-bit color
> and 8 and 4 bit grayscale. The 8-bit grayscale mode, in particular,
> seems to encourage the scanner to magnify imperfections on the
> pages. This produces rather large files. Some with PNGs approaching
> 1M.
>     kevin

Can it go any higher than 100 dpi?  OCR wise, thats probably not 
usefull at all.  I have an Epson 1250u, which can run at up to 
2400dpi & 48 bit color, but that will fill a 200GB hard drive in just 
a few pages.  The typical letter sized scan at 300 dpi, about the 
minimum usefull for OCR, sources around 60 megs comng up the usb 
cable, but by the time its saved, its typically less than 15 megs, 
depending on how aggressive you have the jpeg smuncher set, and can 
even look pretty good at only half a meg if you don't want to blow it 
up for detail.

Cheers, Gene
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