[Coco] Hidden 256-color mode

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It may have started out to go into the Coco3 but got pushed out to 
say a COCO 4 that got axed. I have seen that done before on other 
products that I have worked on. Several features had delayed 
introduction due to time constraints to market. 

This could have been a issue with the COCO3. Microware did SEC 
and to add support for 8 bit color in the software could have delayed 
the release and therefore the feature canceled for another later 


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> After reading the interview with Lonnie Falk in Mary's newsletter, I
> was wondering if the mysterious "hidden" 256-color mode in the GIME
> was actually something that was for the unproduced CoCo 4 instead of
> the CoCo 3?
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