[Coco] OT: Re: Question - Rainbow Archi(DjVue vs. PDF)

Ward Griffiths wdg3rd at comcast.net
Mon Jul 11 11:46:50 EDT 2005

On 07/11/2005 09:55 am, Torsten Dittel wrote:
> > While I can't speak to the disapearing books
> Well, I could imagine at least Twain's "The Mysterious Stranger" is
> disappearing. Provided that the Loud Little Handful can read... ;-)

It's _Huckleberry Finn_ that's the usual victim of the politically correct 
book banning squads,  since it uses terminology that was prevalent at the 
time to refer to a specific minority.  I also suspect you'd have problems 
finding a copy of _Roughing It_ in a public library in Utah.
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