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Michael Wayne Harwood michael at musicheadproductions.org
Sat Jul 9 13:25:35 EDT 2005


Thanks for the questions - I am going to have to fill the FAQ on the
project website out a lot more!!

> Is that single or dual layer DVDs?  (I suppose it depends on the cost of
the disks when you get it all together)

I have chosen single layer.  Dual layer recordable DVDs cost around $4 to
$5 each, while single layer are less than $1 (about $.70).  The issue of
cost has been in the threads a lot lately, so I assume that more than a
few people are concerned about the cost.  Would you rather the cost
include (estimated) $3.50 for 8 single layer DVDs or $32 for 4 dual-layer
DVDs??  It's makes the product go from a cost of $50 to $82.

This brings up the subject of production quality in general.  Is it more
important to have the product cost less at the expense of "nice to have

> What DPI are you scanning at (I found 300 was manditory for everything
to be readable).

300ppi 24bit color

> Will that include the Books too?  (Book of Adventures 1, 2, 3,
> simulations, etc...)

Unfortunately this is out of scope for this project.  Lonnie said he would
be willing to discuss licensing those works after this project is
finished, but that he wanted to see how the Rainbow on Disc project turned
out before making that decision.

> $50 is kinda the most I'd be willing to spend... possibly $60 with the
books.  I think you'll find the audience limited to the diehard coco
fans at that price.

I would really like the cost to be as low as possible.  The cost is going
to be mostly dependant on production costs - I make an estimate of $50 to
$70 to make sure and cover all the bases...I am sure there's something I
have forgotten to include and would hate to say $50 and then realize I am
going to have to eat $5 per collection because I missed something obvious.

> Like I mentioned to someone else, djvu files are just over 1/10th the
size of pdf files.  The only reason the format didn't catch on earlier
is the patent holder wanted absurd license fees.  That has changed and
the format is now being adopted by many libraries and online archives.
>  Plus there are many open source viewers and utilities.
> See info here:
> http://www.djvuzone.org/

I will look more closely at DjVU.  At this point I am not 100% wed to .pdf
if there is a better cross platform solution, but my understanding has
been that DjVU files lack many of the features that .pdfs have such as
embedded links, bookmarks, etc.  The viewers seem to be mostly browser
based and I have not had the extensive experience I have had with .pdf to
be able to compare apples with apples.

Anyone have anything to add on this?  Would DjVU be the better choice
overall and support all of the following features:

 - Freely available viewers for Windows, Unix, and OSX
 - Embedded document linking
 - Bookmarks
 - Image zoom

> Frankly, a search over 8 disks isn't very practical for me and I really
don't want that much old stuff taking up space on my hard drive.  I
wouldn't mind a more limited database search based on
> keywords on my hard drive.  Possibly classify articles by which have
programs or not, which programs are games, business, ads, Basic,
assembly, hardware or whatever.  I often remember an article and want

The plan is to provide an index in both .pdf and full text formats.  Each
disc would also have an index of what is on the DVD itself that has live
links to articles on the disc - click on a link and it would open up the
correct .pdf and go to the correct page.

We are also going to do what I have been calling a "one pass" OCR that
will be a quick and dirty OCR of all the issues.  These will be provided
in text only format.  I have been kicking around letting Acrobat do it's
own OCR as well so that there would be a way to search the .pdf documents,
but the OCR would be limited to what it found on it's first pass without
any post production corrections.

Michael Harwood

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