[Coco] Trouble with nitros9

Frank Pittel fwp at deepthought.com
Mon Jul 4 15:38:47 EDT 2005

Fortunatly I didn't have to go as far as formatting the nitros9 partition
of the cf card. The filesystem was intact although a number of files were
trashed. Fortunatly my Unix admin instincts kicked in and the first thing
I did after I got my ls-120 drive was to use "dsave" to copy the directory
structure onto a 128meg floppy. It made fixing the filesystem trivial!! :-)

The problem I had was fixing hdb-dos drive 255. The whole time I was able
boot my machine from a backup of the superdriver disk I have. From there I
followed the read.me that you supplied. unfortunatly it didn't go exactly
as easily as running the mb_hdb_dd script. Unfortunatly the script makes
use of "prompt_plus" which I couldn't find anywhere on any of the disks
I have including the nitros9 distro disks. A little work with "edit" changed
the "prompt_plus" to "prompted" and then all worked.

On the positive side I now have a collection of bootable disks. :-)


On Mon, Jul 04, 2005 at 07:51:26AM -0500, Mark Marlette wrote:
> At 08:50 PM 7/3/2005, you wrote:
> Frank,
> The specific information you need is on your invoice. HDB-DOS's 256 virtual 
> drives and a NitrOS-9 partition of ~127MB if IIRC. There is left over space 
> on the CF for another NitrOS-9 partition. I like to keep the cluster size 
> to one. Some older utilities like B&B assumed a cluster of one and POOF 
> goes the integrity of the drive.
> With out a floppy boot, as per the instructions in /dd/startup. This is 
> going to be a big task, not impossible. Get a bootable disk, add the 
> descriptors and drivers in(see below). If you make make your descriptors, 
> make sure that you shut off the auto query bit in the descriptors on the 
> partitioned drive. The descriptors by default query the drives, it doesn't 
> assume a partition is present.
> This is why it is so important to get a floppy boot BEFORE you have 
> problems.
> If you can get the descriptors set up and get the backup from the LS-120 to 
> restore the CF. You will then restore the scripts that were used to create 
> the system. Also in this backup you will find the descriptors so that you 
> don't even need to create them. Use the bootlists and you will see what and 
> where they are located.
> Hopefully this helps.
> Mark
> >A while ago I got a superide interface along with a CF card from Cloud 9.
> >At the time I bought it Mark was nice enough to load hdb dos and nitros9 on
> >the cf card along with a script to allow me to choose with OS I wanted to
> >boot into.
> >
> >Unfortunatly a few weeks ago I managed to muck up the nitros9 installation 
> >to
> >the point were it wouldn't boot anymore. Since I figured I'd need a floppy
> >drive to do anything about it I put the machine and card away and waited 
> >for
> >the drive I bought on ebay to arrive. That happened friday and saturday I 
> >decided
> >that I would see what I could do to reinstall or fix the installation on 
> >the card so
> >that it would boot. All the data I was interested in keeping had already 
> >been
> >stored on a ls-120 disk so there's no need to save anything on the card.
> >
> >The way it was originally installed the 256meg cf card was partitioned 
> >with half
> >being allocated for hdb-dos and 256 virtual disks and the second half was 
> >formated
> >for nitros9. Loading nitros9 was done by means of a specially configured 
> >"disk 255".
> >
> >Although I had a gut feeling that I should leave the virtual hdb-dos 255 
> >alone I cleared
> >it with a dskinit. My problem now is creating a "boot floppy" to backup 
> >into disk 255
> >so that I can boot nitros9. I tried following the instructions included 
> >with the documentaion
> >but had no luck. Has anyone been able to do what I'm trying to accomplish? 
> >The instructions
> >on how to do this seems to be geared for people with a lot more knowledge 
> >about all of
> >this then I have. I seem to be missing a handfull of steps. :-(
> >
> >Frank
> >
> >
> >
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