[Coco] C-Cubed

Boisy G. Pitre boisy at boisypitre.com
Wed Jul 20 16:47:25 EDT 2005

Just a quick update for those of you interested in the progress of  
the 6809 C compiler:

1. Tim is working steadily on rlink and should be done by month's  
end.  This, along with Dave Breeding's rma, will finally give us rma/ 
rlink functionality on cross-platforms.  I am also thinking of  
migrating the NitrOS-9 project to rma/rlink and away from the mamou  
assembler.  This will give us a unified tool-chain with which to  
build both C and assembly programs.

2. Most of the compiler is now going to be free or open source code.   
The only two components that aren't are the compiler and optimizer.   
One idea I had is to host a "compiler" and "optimizer" server and  
distribute the binaries such that instead of doing the compiling and  
optimizing on the local machine, a network connection is made over  
the Internet and the compiling and optimizing takes place on a remote  
server.  This would require Internet connectivity on the machine  
doing the compile.  I haven't decided the best route to take with  
this yet...

3. We're thinking of calling this new compiler "C-Cubed" for Coco C  
Compiler, hence the executive would be called c3 instead of cc.  And  
yes, the C compiler is compilable to run on the CoCo, so there would  
be a native version available.

4. Carl Kreider has given us permission to use his excellent Kreider  
C libraries, and that's what we will distribute with the C compiler.

That's pretty much it.  We've not really worked the compiler over  
yet, so we'll have to thrash it around a bit to insure that it's  
putting out proper code.  Overall, I think we should have something  
that everyone can use in the near future.


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