[Coco] Re: Ebay issue (Basil Fitze)

Rogelio Perea os9dude at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 18 14:45:44 EDT 2005

Basil Fitze wrote:

> Its like trying to get blood from a stone with Ebay.  I ordered a
> Coco 2 with a printer and software so far I have not recieved it.  I have
> posted it on my Coco page.The seller cashed the money order.  How do
> you retrieve all of your history.  Anyone have  a similar issue and a
> solution.  I can't seam to locate the number of the item or the seller
> it didn't cost alot the shipping cost more but I just want my Coco 2
> and the other hardware to complete my Coco system.

Basil, if you haven't yet: go to the Ebay main page and click on Services 
(top of page), you will see a link called 'Dispute Resolution', follow that 
and you'll be taken to another page where you can start/follow up your 
claim. Your issue has a good probablity of getting resolved soon enough, I 
recommend patience and whatever solid evidence you can contribute (e-mails, 
etc). If you don't have any of this proof available your best bet is still 
to contact Ebay, I didn't see a place where you could retrieve your account 
transactions as a buyer, ask Ebay!

A few years ago I went through a not so pleasane buying experience on Ebay 
when I bought a Model 200. I should have done my homework before bidding as 
the seller had some negative hits, not many as to raise a solid concern but 
enough at least to be weary. I was so eager to get the 200 that I totally 
flew over this and when the auction ended, at a rather nice price (I think 
it was about $30.00) I quickly paid. Laptop didn't show up in a week, two 
weeks... e-mailed the seller and only got a very vague answer about a trip 
or something like that and two more weeks passed on with no laptop. I 
decided to go the official route and opened up a file using Ebay. The 
process, if they still are doing the same, is for them to start in the 
position of moderators contacting both parties via e-mail, if that doesn't 
resolve the issue then it is escalated to the Post Master General office. My 
laptop arrived within 5 days after Ebay wrote to the seller about the course 
of action; after this the seller was dropped from Ebay.

So, I got my Model 200 albeit almost 45 days later after the sale. This was 
about 6 years ago or so and never has ocurred to me again.

-=[ Rogelio ]=- 

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