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Isn't it strange that you can invent the greatest thing since sliced bread but only profit from it for 17 years, but if you write/draw/publish something not only you but your heirs get to profit from it (or keep it buried away) for way to long??? 

(and I didn't forget to cut all the extra out this time!!)

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> ISTR that the whole gif fiasco didn't occur until the patents were
> nearing expiration. Not saying that's gonna happen in this case, but
> there is always that risk when using patent-encumbered formats.
> Rod
> On 7/14/05, James Diffendaffer <jdiffendaffer at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > at all.  The patents will start to expire within the next couple
> > years.  There may be additional patents but they will be related to

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