[Coco] Completely OT Question?

Jim Cox jimcox at miba51.com
Thu Jul 14 02:41:52 EDT 2005

I know this is completely OT, but I'll try and make it a 
little CoCo related.

I just tried to help someone who is using dial up and who 
either may have had their system owned or a virus.

After I was done trying to help them, I began thinking, 
why hasn't anyone come out with a firewall appliance for 
systems using modems?  It should be simple enough. 
 Basically it would be a single port version of a 
Firewall/Router and if you wanted, you could build a modem 
into the thing and make  either a USB, Serial, or Ethernet 
connection to the system.  By the way, I did a Google and 
didn't come up with anything.

You would think Netgear or Linksys would have something 
like this.  Hell, AOL could sell it as part of their 

Now to make this some what CoCo related, in the past I've 
asked others how the CoCo with a network interface 
(SuperBoard or other) could be used as a network security 
device?  Thinking of this and using old modems has given 
me some ideas.  Could the CoCo using NitrOS or Kontiki 
(maybe) be used as a firewall for a PC using dial up?  I 
don't think it could handle 56Kb, but maybe some slower 
stuff.  I could use it to prove the idea, then port it 
over to a faster processor.  Hmmm.

Sorry if this is OT.  I'm kind of thinking (typing) 
out-load here, and I thought I'd bounce it off the list.


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