[Coco] Alternative gating of Yahoo and Maltedmedia

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Wed Jul 13 10:18:05 EDT 2005

Since gmane has no problem maintaining a two-way gateway to their 
newsgroup, perhaps instead of having the two mailing lists cross linked, 
that gmane could gate a second mailing list (yahoo) to their news server.

If gmane will agree to that, it might solve some of the confusion.

I also think that the e-mail address that is being used to feed the 
Yahoo groups mailing list can be set to "hidden", so that people 
subscribed to the Yahoo list can not reply/all to it.

Gating them two ways requires both mailing lists to filter out messages 
that have both YAHOO inserted headers and Maltedmedia inserted headers, 
because only a message that has been posted on both lists would have both.

SpamAssassin might be able to filter that out.

It also may be possible to find a way to the Maltedmedia list to simply 
ignore all postings that also have the YAHOO e-mail address as also a 
destination, unless it came from the Yahoo list.

I am subscribed to both lists on multiple e-mail addresses, but have all 
of them set to no-mail as for me, it is usually much more convenient to 
use a newsreader on gmane.

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