[Color Computer] [coco] software modem for OS-9

George Ramsower yahoo at dvdplayersonly.com
Thu Jul 7 21:05:36 EDT 2005

 I can't imagine why anyone would want to do this, but I'm curious if 
someone ever wrote a routine for OS-9 that will use the cassette port to 
communicate with a device using modem tones A.K.A. FSK... like is used to 
utilize the cassette in RSDOS.
 Perhaps in amateur radio land there was something to use on radios to 
transfer data, before the modem chips caught up with packet radio?

 My purpose is to use my TRS-80 Color Computer Plug-N-Power timer with OS-9. 
Since the timer uses FSK for data exchange with the coco, normal OS-9 
drivers won't do this.

 If there isn't a driver for this, perhaps someone has an old acoustical 
modem they might wish to part with. I can modify it for this application, 
using hardware to do the work which could be done in software, but I don't 
know how to program in assembly..


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