[Coco] Coco] [Rainbow on Disc] Update for July

Mark Anderson rammdesign at msn.com
Mon Jul 4 20:24:36 EDT 2005

I am so enthusiastic and excited about the DVD project.  I tip my hat off to 
Lonnie for permission for this all to begin.  I'm glad to help with the 
indexing and applaud the efforts.  The linking of the directory to the 
actual articles will be an outstanding feature for the coco community to 
have.  Thank you Michael for all your work.

I have a very good collection of Rainbows (3/83 and up) and they are in 
perfect condition.  If you need a particular scan of a cover that is mint, 
let me know. They were acquired from a Canadian gentleman years ago and he 
kept the issues mint.   I would never remove the binders from my personal 
collection so scanning complete issues is not my cup of tea.  I'm amazed you 
are as far as you are already in the scanning effort.  Superb job.

Mark Anderson
rammdesign at msn.com

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