[Coco] Portal-9 IDE

Robert Emery theother_bob at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 26 08:17:59 EDT 2005

> On this note I'm also interested in knowing if there are any current 
> projects being developed using Portal-9 that you might want to share with 
> other writers to help them see how easy it is to build a CoCo 
> program.  Ofcourse, the included sample projects also offer quite a bit of 
> help for starters and established coders.  I would like to be part of some 
> kind of larger open source project if anybody has any ideas.  <...snip...>
> It's been way too long since we've 
> had a new software wonder appear for the CoCo and I think it would do us 
> real good to start a community project of this sort.
> Any ideas?

One thing I'd like to see is what Nick M. mantioned a little while back, but it
appeared to generate little interest. We need an updated Disk Basic. Nick
wanted to incorporate a gui, which some of you know is an interest I share. I'd
like to see a new DECB rom for the CoCo3 with the following features:
*DECB/HDBDOS software compatible
*supports read/write to MSDOS formatted disks (default mode)
*compatible with original RSDOS/OS9 formated disks (compatibility mode)
*supports (requires?) RTC for file date/time stamping
*built-in gui interface with hi-res joystick support

This is all just speculative dreaming. This is a project I think I could
contribute a lot to, and could learn from the process of comparing my Basic
programming methods with ML development.


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