[Coco] Someone might come to complain

Mark Marlette mark at cloud9tech.com
Fri Apr 29 11:25:38 EDT 2005

Well it seems that you both are here now and I'm sure some resolution
can be made.

I normally wouldn't get involved but I did speak up yesterday.

The USPS is terrible for service. I try not to use them. They are slow
and are open less than a bank is. VERY hard for a working person to get
to them during the day. Insurance and tracking, worthless as well. Try
loosing a package and wait to see what they say......Wait a month and
see if it turns up, that was with Priority Mail service.

Best of luck to the both of you are Happy CoCoing!


Quoting Jim Ditton <jditton at vtc.net>:

> I'm the person who bought from Chris Spry. The items were not what he
> stated in his ad they were back-up's not orginal software. and he
> sent it in a very thin used box with paper as packing and most of the
> software was destroyed in shipping. I went to the post office and
> they refused to honor the Insurance because of the packing and box
> and Chris Spry would not return my messages until I filed a complaint
> with pay pal. I have bought a lot of software and hardware off the
> internet and some from members of this group including a lot from
> mark and everything has been fine up until this point but when
> someone does this poor of a job and then will not own up to it I will
> do what I have to to make it right. I was upset by his cavalier
> attitude and did say I would contact the Apple and CoCo groups but
> did not until I saw his post.
> ======= At 2005-04-28, 16:48:00 you wrote: =======
> >I bought from you a few times, and I will again. A lot better than
> >fighting in ebay.
> >
> >Diego
> >
> >
> >Chris Spry wrote:
> >
> >> Hey guys,
> >>
> >> Someone recently bought some CoCo & Apple items from me, whom I
> will
> >> make anonymous, from my site Vintage Fun World and had a huge fit
> >> about the box being not in the best shape when he got it and one
> of
> >> the original disks he got that wasn't working but he got working
> >> backups to make up for it. Everything worked and was in good
> order,
> >> but he was so unhappy that he said he was going to go to all the
> lists
> >> and complain and tell me how bad of a dealer I was.  He never came
> to
> >> me first about the issue and decided to go this passive agressive
> >> route instead.  I would have refunded the full amount if he was so
> >> unhappy and returned it.  Instead he is going to play this
> childish
> >> game, so please ignore him if he comes to this list and whines.  I
> >> know I have some customers here on the list that have always been
> >> happy with me and would hate for an incident like this to make you
> >> think otherwise.  I enjoy supplying you all with hard to find CoCo
> >> stuff and want to continue and if you guys have any problems with
> >> anything you know  you can come to me and we can resolve it.
> >>
> >> -Chris from Vintage Fun World
> >>
> >
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> Jim Ditton
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> 2005-04-29
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