[Coco] Re: mess questions

Nathan Woods npwoods at cybercom.net
Fri Apr 29 10:50:05 EDT 2005

tim lindner writes: 

> Define easily. After five years working with the code base, I finally
> succedded in accomplishing it and made a tinyMacMESS. 
> The reality is that xmess and mess32 both have a tinymess targets but I
> have no idea what is involved in retargeting them to the CoCo drivers.

Its just a matter of adjusting the 'Tiny' makefile in mess/tinyms.mak to 
specify just CoCo 3 related files.  Currently, it is targeted at the Coleco, 
which specifies the Z80 CPU core, and the SN76496 sound chip.  For the CoCo 
3, this would need to be changed to the M6809E CPU and the DAC sound core.  
The list of OBJ files would also need to be changed. 

While this isn't much work, it isn't a trivial one step process.  You can 
see the tinyms.mak file here:  http://tinyurl.com/c3g89

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