[Coco] Adventures in resetting up...

William Astle lost at l-w.ca
Sat Apr 23 22:53:30 EDT 2005

Diego Barizo wrote:
> Congratulations on your setup!
> I use a 1.2 Mb drive on my PC, and works fine. I used it to create my 
> Nitros-9 disks, and those have seen a good deal of use, and are still 
> doing great.
> Try saving the 360s for the CoCo :-)

If it's in the PC, I know where it is if I need it in the CoCo. :)

> Diego
> William Astle wrote:
>> Now all I need is another 360K floppy drive to put into my PC. (The 
>> BIOS on my motherboard seems to think it supports 360K 5.25" drives. I 
>> wonder if it's telling the truth.) But that's a problem for another day.

William Astle
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