[Coco]: Tandy's biggest mistakes thread

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I was not trying to belittle the qu ality or value of the information in 
them. The manuals contain a wealth of information for those that 
are new to programming and have no compu ter skills.  They written 
very simple and very easy to follow. 

For learning these manuals were excellent. That was my intent. 
They were very technical in a very user friendly manner. Which 
further supports that target audience for the computer. Those that  
were entry or beginners level programming and computer skills. For 
those that did not want to learn the computer could still be a nice 
game console that provided hours of entertainment. 

My father, brother and I spent many hours playing color baseball 
and football on the Coco1 with 16K of ram back in the early 80's. I 
even used to pack my Coco 1 in the car when I traveled to visit my 
father especially at Christmas time. 


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> Not to the point your making but, I have to add:
> The BASIC and ECB manuals were one of the strongest points of the
> color computer. Compare them to modern manuals... if the coco manuals
> were written for a 6th grader, modern computer manuals are written for
> the village idiot 1st grader "To launch word click on the <PICTURE>
> icon" and so on. The BASIC and ECB manuals actually could teach anyone
> with an interest how to actually write simple programs.

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