[Coco] New and fresh ideas for next years CoCoFest

Brian Goers bgoers at ais.net
Tue Apr 19 23:41:21 EDT 2005

Mark Marlette wrote:
> At 02:48 PM 4/18/2005, you wrote:
> Sure, the more the merrier!
> Who will take the lead on this though? We would want to make sure that 
> the CoCo crowd was the largest group! :)

I have not read farther ahead, but Glenside is discussing how to expand. 
enlarge the show. Since we host it, we would have control.
>> BEWARE! Nick has another wild and crazy idea!   :)
>> Regarding the CoCoFest for next year, how about...
>> 1) We merge the CoCoFest with other classic Tandy computer users such 
>> as the

<Stuff Deleted>
Or have other 8-bit computer users attend.

>> 2) Chase some outside sponsership. 
Or inform newspapers, cable etc. to advertise the show. The Hotel I 
noticed had TV displaying events that were at the hotel.

>> 3) Start planning the fest from now so that we can include special 
>> guests,
At the next meeting we will be discussing 'New Business'
We will be making more plans.
We start out strong but it is so easy to fade a bit. I plan to have a 
stronger focus.

>> drum up attendees and get the whole classic Tandy computer community
>> offering ideas and suggestions to make this into one big retro festival.
>> Just a thought.  :)
>> Nick Marentes

It's a good thought.
I'll try to keep everyone up to date.

Brian Goers
Vice President of Special Events.

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