[Coco] Commodore-One computer sells for $350US!

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Mon Apr 18 21:35:55 EDT 2005


I have seen this. Nice work. 269 Euros! 

I have the schematics from the webpage. Not sure how accurate it 
is. I am not su re we need 1 GB of SDRAM unless one were to do 
some intensive graphics at large resolutions.


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> Ok guys, here's an inspiration for you...
> While we're talking about CoCo4 and CoCo3 upgrade boards etc, the
> Commodore 64 community has now got a new Commodore mainboard that is
> totally compatible with the original C64 plus adding new features (eg
> 256 colors).
> Check out the website at http://c64upgra.de/c-one/
> And how much for this bundle of hobby technology?
> $350US for the entire mainboard. The user supplies an ATX case and
> power supply.
> So it can be done folks, keep the CoCo4 dreaming happening!!
> Nick
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