[Coco] [Color Computer] Original Multi-Pak

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Only the  Halt and NMI hardware interrupts are brought out to the 
expansion connector. They are paralelled. There may have been a 
mod to bring the NMI and/or HALT into a 4 input or gate and then to 
the expansion portt for the  MPI. To be honest th at should have 
been done in the first place. 


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> Hi,
> jdaggett at gate.net wrote:
> > Mike 
> > 
> > Yes the PAL chip, 16L4, needs replacing. The COCO 1/2 uses 
> > address $FF9F to write to software control slot selection. On the
> > Coco3 this address is the Horzontal OFfset register in the GIME
> > chip. The software control of the slot selection has been moved to
> > $FF7F on the Coco3.
> > 
>  Wasn't there also some kind of irq routing thing? Or was that
>  optional?
>      kevin
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