[Coco] OT: Need help ID'ing old 30 pin SIM

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Mon Apr 11 22:16:00 EDT 2005


More likely 60 nanosecond dram. Most likely they are 1Mbx1. If I remember 
correctly the  KM prefix is Samsung. all their dram start with a 4 the next digit is the 
data output width. The C is for CMOS and the next four digits are the dram density. 
1000 would be 1 Mb. 4000 would be 4 Mb. 


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> I'm currently scrapping out some hulks that were given to 
> me and I have been trying to ID some 30 pin SIM's that I 
> pulled off a 486 system.
> The PN is: KM41C1000BJ-6
> I have Googled all over and really haven't found any info 
> that would provide the size of the SIM.  I believe the 
> speed is 60 microseconds, but I am not sure (I'm a little 
> rusty here)
> Does anyone know of a good site that can help me ID this 
> SIM.
> Thank!
> Jim
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