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Hey Bob,

That's 4.5 litres to the Imperial Gallon! South of our border the gallon
gets smaller (and so does the pint, of major interest to beer drinkers) so
that they are getting only 3.6 litres for their money. We are paying about
90cents a litre, but that looks prettty good compared with the UK where it's
80p a litre (that's US$1.60) so they are closing in on $6 a gallon.
Mike Moore.

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> > Here in the Northland....We go from ~$2.09 to $2.35 in a day.....
> sheesh, you guys get cheap gas! We pay approximately AU$1.00 per LITRE
> There's ~4.5 litres to a gallon, and AU$0.80 to the US$.
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