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I would also like to alter the description a bit

First the starting reference value should be 31 ($1F). After the 
compare the reference value is shifted right or left depending on the 
state of the comparator. Either divided by 2 or multiplied by 2. One 
keeps shifting untill the comparator changes state or the ceiling or 
floor value is reached. If the ceiling or florr value is reached before 
then there is an error. 

Once the comparator changes state then either the reference value 
is adjusted up or down by one until the comparator changes state 
again. It becomes an iterate process until the  final value is found. 

While this sounds complicated it is actually quite faster than if one 
were to start at either zero or 63 and go up or down one step at a 
time. Essentially you start at the middle go up  or down until you 
pass the value and then work your way back to the value in small 


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> > It is on a wiki, so if you find an error -- fix it!
> no time to find out how ;-). I'd like to change "Successive 
> Approximation" to "Successive Linear Approximation"
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