[Coco] Kent D. Meyers CoCo Book of Remebrance

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>During a particular part of the service, the Prayers of the People,  when all
>present are invited to offer their Prayers and Thanksgivings,  there is a
>place for the mention of the Departed. There are a few names  which come to
>mind, such as Kent, Al Dages, and Phyllis Chasteen. If  there are other names
>that we should remember, or for that matter any  other prayer request, either
>email them to me care of the list or  brjeremy at juno.com.

Darn it!  I'm only marginally connected with the Coco nowadays, mostly  thru 
reading this List, but I knew all three of those people.  Phyllis,  besides 
being John's moral support, made the Coco Fest lapel buttons.  Al  Dages was the 
epicenter of the Atlanta Coco Club, picked me up at the airport  the one time 
I attended the Fest (giving me a cold one in the cab of his pickup  truck), 
and was a fearsome UltiMouser of music.
I'm praying that Fran Walters has not yet joined the Celestial Coco  Club.
--Mike K.

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