[Coco] RE: Gadgets

Rodney V Hamilton Rodney_Hamilton at GBRonline.com
Tue Apr 5 19:12:05 EDT 2005

In article <3rb42s$reoirm at mxip20a.cluster1.charter.net>, 
cwgordon at charter.net says...
>It may be possible, but I don't have a list of all the Pokes & Peeks for the
>CoCo3 (unless someone wants to send 'em to me) 

Bill, here are the pokes to enable WIDTH32 lowercase on the coco3:

POKE &H95C9,127 : POKE &HFF22,16

The 95C9 poke is needed to stop BASIC from automatically masking off
all the video mode control bits at the prompt.

An even more fun way is to expand the SCREEN command's 2nd argument
to control all the extra 6847T1 video mode bits.

I=&H9682:POKE I,&HC4:POKE I+1,15
POKE I+2,&H58:POKE I+3,&H58:POKE I+4,&H58
POKE &H961A,&H87:POKE &H95C9,127

This patch extends the SCREEN command's 2nd argument range to 0-15
(+1) CSS  - this is the existing color set select bit
(+2) LC   - lowercase enable for the WIDTH32 screen
(+4) INV  - inverted video enable
(+8) BRD  - border color enable

So to get lowercase green on black, do SCREEN ,6 (or POKE &HFF22,6*8)

Note that this works on a real coco3 but not on an emulator
unless it emulates the 6847T1 VDG chip.


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