[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] Re: Adapter from Coo3 to SVGA

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Tue Apr 5 13:00:31 EDT 2005


I should re-read an earlier description since this may have already 
been stated, but ... the unit doesn't need to be programmed every boot, 
just if it's been turned off long enough.  How long does it keep the 
settings without power?  For example, my CoCo is hooked to a power 
strip and I power the whole thing down.  That said, it sounds like I'd 
need to program the unit every time I boot.

Is a battery backup a possible (cheap) solution?

As long as it can easily be programmed (insert disk, type "DOS", or 
have code in the startup file of an auto-boot OS-9) that seems good 
enough, since we could start RS-DOS first.  (Not being able to see the 
boot process of OS-9 would be a problem if there was a bad boot we were 
trying to debug, but we always fall back to RS-DOS which is a nice 

And I love the idea of using the extra pin on the CoCo CM-8 port.  I 
like the off the shelf cable idea, but would it be that much harder for 
someone to produce cables just for your device, that us all the needed 
pins and go to the box for programming?  I like that idea better than 
having to have a Cloud-9 cable and a cassette port cable hooked up.

     -- Allen

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