[Coco] Re: [Color Computer] Re: Adapter from Coo3 to SVGA

Torsten Dittel Torsten at Dittel.info
Mon Apr 4 12:30:03 EDT 2005

> Yes pin#10 from  the monitor connector goes to PB3 of IC4 
> (68B21).

As long as there's no Full-Duplex bidirectional communication or 
handshaking necessary to update the AL250, I guess it's better to  use 
this one. No extra cables, no hardware hacking or modifications inside 
the CoCo.

Roy, what do you think?

By the way, I have some LCD 3D-Shutter glasses (by ELSA, Erazor? I 
bought them here in Aachen for 5$ each when ELSA was shut down) which 
link into the VGA connection (controlled by this PnP Serial Line of 
modern VGA Monitors). I should really try to link that to the CoCo...


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