[Coco] SAVEM semigraphics screen

David golgotha at toughguy.net
Tue Apr 12 05:01:35 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm away from my coco at the moment, but I was pondering..

If I was to 'snapshot' a text-semigraphics screen using:

SAVEM "FILENAME", &H200, &H600, &Hdummy-execution-address

Could I then, inside a BASIC program


to get that screen back CoCo-Diskdrive-"Instantly"?

Is there a better way of creating/storing/using multiple 

(to create one screen, I've manually calculated and typed in some 512 
DATA figures.. tedious to say the least!)

I've considered also loading multiple 512-byte screens into unused 
memory space and using a short assembler program POKE'd or LOADM'd in to 
fast-copy the appropriate data to the text-screen memory area

What are some of the opinions of the group as to 'best practice' here?

(Target software is combo BASIC/ASM, for info's sake)


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