[Coco] cc6809 project status

John R. Hogerhuis jhoger at pobox.com
Sat Apr 9 21:10:14 EDT 2005


Just wanted to give everyone a update on the cc6809 project:

cc6809 is the effort to port the SDCC 8-bit target C compiler to target
the mc6809 CPU generally, and the Coco specifically.

Work that has been done to date:
1) Sourceforge project (cvs, mailing list) setup, branched the SDCC
project and committed to CVS, replicated the hc08 code generator and
device target as the mc6809 target, added to the build (John R.
2) Created branch of the as6809 and aslink assembler and linker so that
it can target OS-9 and RSDOS. Committed to CVS (Boisy Pitre)
3) Integrated the assembler and linker into the sdcc build system
4) First cut at register allocator committed (James Dessart)
5) Acquired source code to Carl Kreider's C library (Boisy Pitre) and
committed to CVS (James Dessart)

Currently the build is broken due to James's additions, but he is hard
at work on the code generator, and a first cut should be there soon and
the build will be working again. 

However, if this holds anyone up let me know and I'll hack the code
generator out of the build until James has something stable to commit.
Alternatively you could get a branch from before he committed the
change. My feeling though is that you should be able to get by even with
the breakage in the code generator since there are separate makefiles
for each subsystem.

cc6809 project currently need help in the following area:

Someone needs to adopt the mc6809 device target (basically, the standard
library and init code) and integrate it with SDCC. Currently the files
are just sitting there in CVS, not part of the build. 


-- John.

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