[Coco] coco 3 on ebay

Theodore Evans (Alex) alxevans at concentric.net
Thu Oct 28 22:02:07 EDT 2004

On Oct 28, 2004, at 5:08 PM, Jim Cox wrote:

> What I don't like is that the drive case is older gray type and you 
> don't see a front-on view of it so you can see if it has a FH or HH 
> drive.  I may be wrong about this, but weren't the older gray drive 
> cases populated with FH SSSD 180K drives.

Well, SSSD drives would only have around 90k capacity.  I think You 
mean SSDD.  IIRC a friend of mine had FH SSDD drives from RS for his 
CoCo 1.

> (PS: If there werw FH DSDD drives, I'd like to know. Thanks!)

FH DSDD and even DSQD (96 tpi/80 track) drives exist.

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