[Coco] Re: philosphical ... discussions

Ray Watts rayanddoraleew at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 7 15:42:13 EDT 2004

Charlie wrote:

>Well if you want new stuff, and have to write it yourself, then the CoCo is
>nothing more than nostalgia.
>All this new hardware is just cooler faster better ways to store and run the
>same old shit.
Charlie,  I don't know how far back you go with the CoCo, but there were 
apps that would look fairly good even on today's computers.  Such RSDOS 
apps as the VIP Library, MAX-10 & CoCoMax3 were ,and still are superb. 
 The problem that exists on nearly all the good apps is to get them 
working on HGBDOS or to port them over to OS-9.  They used their own 
disk commands and need to hacked into conformity.  There were also some 
very good apps for OS-9 that seemed to disappear into the woodwork like 
MVCanvas.  So, it may not be a requirement of programming from scratch, 
 but just digging in and hacking away.  Unforch, it is a little above my 

Cheers,  Griz

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