[Coco] OT: PDF Was: Upgrading a CoCo 1 to 64K

Tony Podraza tonypodraza at juno.com
Wed Nov 24 17:48:35 EST 2004

I use Adobe to read a lot of PDFs, here, at work.  Sometimes I need to grab something from the PDF for a procedure or an email.

The latest Adobe release that I have (6.0.05) has a text selector that copies to the clipboard.  I then use Word (can I say that, here?) and paste the text.  Sometimes, re-formating is necessary.  You can also "shoot" a copy of the PDF text and past it into a word document as an image.

Give it a go
And let me know.
Did it work for yo'?

-- Arthur Flexser <flexser at fiu.edu> wrote:
Speaking of which, I just ran into a situation where it would have been
convenient to have been able to capture some text in a PDF file to the
clipboard.  (A software routine that I wound up having to type in manually.)
Is there some way to do this?  (Short of printing out the page, scanning it, and
doing OCR, I mean.)

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