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Charlie chazbeenhad at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 9 08:18:20 EST 2004

Hi Bob_dev. I always wondered if there is a way to protect the phone (DSL)
line coming into the home.
All my other computer stuff is plugged into UPS units, but there the phone
line is. Naked into the modem :-)


"Bob Devries" <bdevries at gil.com.au> wrote in
message news:003001c4c62e$43b70680$0701a8c0 at master...
> To all you guys (and lady) who expressed concern that I wasn't appearing
> my regular spot at the bar in Roger's coco chatroom, I'm sorry, but the
> weather here in Dalby, Queensland has conspired against it.
> We seem to have begun a series of violent afternoon electrical
> thunderstorms, which has included much prayed for rain. Since having
> one ADSL modem to an electrical storm already, I'm not keep to keep the
> one online during such a storm.
> However, I will keep in touch with my friends via email as often as I can.
> We need this rain badly, so I'm not giving up with the praying, yet!
> --
> Regards, Bob Devries. Dalby, Queensland, Australia.
> Faith isn't faith until it's all you're holding on to.
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