[Coco] Re: DoD Left or right handed?

Charlie chazbeenhad at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 8 08:17:55 EST 2004

I play by attacking with both hands. On the lower levels where monsters are
tough as nails I found a method of attacking with both sword and shield that
would bring the heart rate to the edge yet still allow me to move a certain
number of spaces, turn and repeat. The best shield that can be found is
actually a very good weapon for attack and is easier on your heart rate.

Also on the upper levels, the shield can be very helpful. When monsters line
up on you, save your strength by finishing off snakes and club wielding
trolls with your shield. This will leave you with plenty of strength to
swing the sword at the knights and axe wielding trolls.

Also remember, when your strong enough, the spider is your best friend

Its madness really. I'm replaying the disk version of the game to see if I
can still pull off these rambo moves. :-)


"Diego Barizo" <diegoba at adinet.com.uy> wrote in
message news:418F0800.7060906 at adinet.com.uy...
> I just found a website with a Dungeons "walkthrough" and it starts with:
> " A player of DOD should be very familiar with the following key
> sequences to be entered at the start of the game.
> P R SW
> P L T
> U L"
> I always did
> P L SW
> P R T
> U R
> Because I found a lot easier to go
> A L
> A L
> ....
> than
> A R
> A R
> ...
> So now I'm curious. How did you do it?
> Diego
> PD I tried to create a poll in the yahoo groups, but they seem to be
> disabled?
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