[Coco] How about a new FDD Controller?

tim lindner tlindner at ix.netcom.com
Sat Nov 6 01:37:12 EST 2004

Jim Cox <jimcox at miba51.com> wrote:

> Thanks for jogging my memory.  Couldn't a CatWeasel be 
> modified to work with a CoCo?

Should be possible to modify the ISA version of the card. The entire
interface to the Catweasel consists of one memory location. Zero
interrupts are used.

You issue it a command, it fills it's own buffer, then you read the
buffer at your own pase.

Now processing the buffer on the CoCo would be a challenge. You don't
get bytes from the Catweasel, you get timed magnetic flux transistions.
MFM or FM streams must be decoded by hand.

tim lindner
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