[Coco] Re: Converting CoCo 2 and CoCo 3 to Component video?

John Kowalski sock at axess.com
Tue Nov 2 18:13:22 EST 2004

Torsten Dittel wrote:
>I hope I'll find the time next spring to analyze the CoCo2 RGB circuit I
>found on my French "Peritel (SCART)" board. The picture quality is like
>a CoCo3 on my RGB monitors.

That would be interesting to hear about.  I'm guessing it would have had to
have been a component to RGB converter.

With one of those, you could hook up other current devices like a DVD
player, or a Playstation 2 to your old CM-8 :)

                                         John Kowalski (Sock Master)

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