[Coco] USB devices

Ray Watts rayanddoraleew at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 23 15:32:10 EST 2004

I don't use a PC to transfer the files to the ZIP drive, Mark.  I have a 
Mac with OS9.1 and just format the Zip for PC, copy  the files onto it, 
then pop it into my CoCo Zip and use the PC-DOS utility to transfer it. 
 When I need to use a PC,  I run Windows 2000 Pro on a VirtualPC 
emulator and run the command line window.  Worked on everything I tried 
so far ...............

Also, no one has mentioned the cheapest and oldest method of 
transferring a whole system from one CoCo to another, Mark, and you 
produced it.  I'm talking about your original SCSI interface and a ZIP 
drive.  How long have I had mine now?  5 or 6 years?  I assume a system 
backup made back then will still be good on your latest interface.

BTW - While we're on this subject.  Boisy described to me how to write 
to a CD on my Mac for playback on a CoCo about a year ago.  Unforch, he 
assumed I had OSX.x and the full Toast burning utility.  I only have 
OS9.1 and Toast Lite (OEM with the burner).  Do you, or anyone else, 
know how this can be done?  I think I can make the Windows 2000 see the 
burner.  Is there a CHEAP Windows burning utility that will allow me to 
do this?

Cheers, Griz

mmarlett at isd.net wrote:

>I know the Griz has used a ZIP drive and PC-DOS on his system to transfer
>files to/fro. Right Ray??? What version of PC-DOS are you using?

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