[Coco] Portal-9 1.61

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Sat Nov 13 14:28:38 EST 2004

Hello all,

I've posted an update to Portal-9 which includes some interactive help 
files and a menu option for using the wimgtool.exe program found in 
M.E.S.S..  The 3 help files are Portal-9, CCASM/CoCo Technical Reference, 
and M.E.S.S.  Lots of docs are included with Portal-9 for beginners or 
advanced assembly programmers.

CCASM 2.90 is included and includes the following fixes:
  The mnemonic/comment separator now works with FCC lines.
  A critical bug in FCC/FCS handler was fixed that could cause an unknown 
  The listings are improved (comments are now tabbed out correctly)

You'll notice that I allowed for the AS09 assembler to be used, but the 
copy I have seems to be a 16-bit DOS version and it crashes out.  If 
someone knows about a Win32 version and wants to try it out, I'd like some 
feedback on this.

I'm also going to add support for the AS6809 assembler, and let the user 
choose where these assemblers are instead of looking in C:\WINDOWS for all 
the assemblers.

I'm also still in search of a C compiler that outputs 6809 source code for 
either AS09 or AS6809.


Roger Taylor

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